I cannot stress enough how much moisture these cloths take out of my hair without adding extra fuzz. Not only that, any “mistakes” in product application (too much in one area) are fixed in that the excess is smooshed back in place. After using the cloth for a week there’s still not that much product on my cloths. I’ve also washed them in the washing machine a few times and no pilling or discoloration! You girls did a great job and have a wonderful product. I am so glad I splurged.
Thank YOU!
Marisol, S.
Redondo Beach, CA

Received the towels yesterday and of course had to wash my hair!!! They are fantastic. My curls were more defined and became less frizzy. My hair is so much more manageable. Great product! I will spread the word with my curly haired friends. Thank you once again.
Louise Coleman
United Kingdom

Wish I had found these cloths years ago – sometimes having curly hair is a real pain, but these cloths make life easier, thank goodness!!
Sandra W.
London, England

Before using the Curl Cloths, my hair was unruly and difficult to curl. Since using the Curl Cloths, my curls are more manageable and defined. I find that my curls improve each time I use it and I have found my own technique that works perfectly.
Louise C.
Oxfordshire, England

I have tried many other cloths and techniques, and this was turly a watershed experience! I know enjoy styling my hair knowing that the results will be perfectly formed curls, with just the right amount of spring and bounce with no frizz. AND the best part is that I know it will look great all day! Thanks Curl Cloths!
Larkyn P.
Westfield, IN

I love the curl cloth! Please market to hair salons and hair dressers.
F. Gonzales
Jackson, TN

I love these things! I loved them so much that I reviewed them on my blog. My hair is waist length when wet and one towel works just fine for me. The weight of the cloth is much more effective than a T-shirt.
P. Och
East Pittsburgh, PA

I LOVE them for myself and my daughter. I had been using paper towels. I love that this works better, is better for the environment. I love that you can put your hand inside the tube and work around the hair, Fantastic product!
T. Judd
Graham, SC

Not only do they help my curls look better and dry faster but they look cute in my bathroom.
Jessica G.
Simi Valley, CA

It has been great and I have told all my friends with natural curly hair they should buy your product. I am very pleased.
Loretta H.
Tecumseh, OK

This cloth is a miracle. My curls are soft but controlled. I use less product, have no “crunchiness”, and more body. Love it!
M. Heatley
Long Beach, CA

The curlslikeus towel has shortened my drying time and made my curls curlier (even those areas that like to go straight!) Easy to use, love the colors and the fast shipping and great communication!!
S. C. Walz
Center Valley, PA

Curl Cloths are an easy, environmentally friendly way to have tighter curls, with more curl definition and less frizz. The tube design makes it easy to quickly use all areas of the cloth without a lot of fumbling as with a regular towel. The cloths are small and easy to pack when traveling. They launder well and do not shrink or fade. Love your curls with curl cloths!
Dana Y.
Tullahoma, TN

I absolutely LOVE these! I first got them when my hair was below-my-shoulders long, and I was also able to “plop” with them. Now that my hair is shorter, I don’t need to plop, but these cloths are wonderful for getting my curls to really spring! I had also used one of my husbands old t-shirts, but these are much more manageable size-wise. Thanks SO SO much!!!!!
Dulcy H.
Millbrook, AL

Curl Cloths have made the difference between me being frustrated with my curly hair and loving my curly hair. They make styling my hair so easy!
Irvine, CA

Absolutely love them! Makes a huge difference in my curl and so easy to attain. Have purchased for several of my curly-haired friends!
K. Shadid
Whitefish Bay, WI

I love the curl definition the cloths give. I have seen a very noticable reduction in frizz. I never want to straighten my hair anymore!
J. Green
Niederwald, TX

Finally, for the first time I don’t have to worry about scrunching too much with a towel that has some texture to it! This leaves my curls in tact and frizz free.
E. Dinell
Lafayette, IN

I love these cloths! I am a hairstylist with curly hair and have a lot of clients with curly hair, I will be recommending them and selling them in my salon! Thanks Curls Like Us!!
Cindy Latter, Stylist
Chill Salon & Gallery
Long Beach, CA

I love this product, in fact I would happily sell this product. It cuts down on the amount of product I use, it makes my curls curly and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.
L. Wilson
Middlesex, UK

I never would have thought that something as simple as this product could make a difference. I ordered thinking it would not make a big difference….boy was I wrong!!! My hair dries faster, more defined, and less frizzy. What else could a curly gal ask for?
M. Ray
Miami, FL

Very simple and effective. Wish I had thought of it!
K. Mcintosh
Chestnut Hill, MA

My curls are bigger and smoother thanks to the Curl Cloth! And I have actually been able to go an extra day without washing because of it. As the mother of a newborn, that extra sleep-in time is priceless!!
S. Laforge
Indianapolis, IN

Great product and who would figure that such a small thing could make such a big difference!
L. Jess
Erie, CO

I really like my Curl Cloths and have notices a lot less frizziness and hair breakage since i’ve started using them
T. Jordan
Saint Louis, MO

I can tell it is so much more gentle on my hair than drying with terry cloth. I am so glad I found this!
A. Marino
Cranberry Twp, PA

I was reading a post on Layle Koncar’s blog about a product her friend designed and knew right away that I had to try them out….well, all I can say is I’m in LOVE with my curls now and so is everyone else!!!! Every curl deserves to be happy is the motto at Curls Like Us and they are fabulous. The Curl Cloths do wonders for my curls and I bet they will for yours, too…I’ve already recruited a friend and we ordered a set for her and another set for me just today!!! Try them out if you hate your curls as much as I did!!! You won’t for long, I promise!!! 
Ottawa, Canada

I have what you may call “ challenged hair”. Some days I have a natural curl to my hair that gives me that “celebrity tousled” look and other days I have 1/2 curly and 1/2 flat hair! Needless to say, If I want to have soft natural looking curls, I have to do a lot of unnatural regimens to achieve them. I used to start with lots of de-frizzing products, conditioners, leave-ins, hair dryers, defuzzers, scrunchies and cramped hands. BUT NO MORE!
I wasn’t sure my hair would be receptive to anything other than my favorite and extra large absorbent towel…but it was. The Curls Like Us Curl Cloths feel like a soft t-shirt except for the fact that it absorbs like a towel and leaves in the moisture without frizzing. That’s one Wet T-Shirt Contest I would win. My curls distributed evenly and naturally. I added a smaller amount of my favorite hair gel from the CHI product line and that was it.
I was out the door on a humid day, with my hair down and I didn’t worry. With Curls Like Us….there is no need to fuss !
Amaris Salinas
KHOU Ch. 11
Great Day Houston

Lately, I have been playing more with air-drying my hair to cut down on split ends from diffuser drying. While I love the volume I get from diffuser drying, and the much quicker drying time, I really wanted to work with air drying to see if it would be a viable option. Previous attempts at this resulted in horrid pyramid hair. I also think I’m a little nuts for trying this out during a colder than normal January.
I had read about the Curls Like Us Curl Cloths some months earlier over at While I liked the idea, and was happy to see a curly woman making a curl-friendly product, I just figured that it was like any old T-shirt, and why should I have to pay for some T-shirt material? I can just use a T-shirt.
Well, fast-forward a few months. Although I have a Curlease towel that I love to use for plopping, the material was a bit thin for scrunching moisture out of my hair, and I was in no mood to have wet hair for five hours on a cold day. My regular T-shirts were also a bit thin, and it did look ugly having wet T-shirts lying around (no snickering!  ).
I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a set. Each set comes with two towels. There was an instruction sheet included, and I also checked out the FAQ and video on the Curls Like Us site – much of the video is pretty old hat to experienced curlies, but it did help to see how to hold and rotate the towel! I figured it couldn’t be that hard. The shape reminds me of a pillowcase that is open at both ends.
You put one hand in each end, and scrunch. Pretty simple.
I must say that I was quite surprised at how much extra water came out onto the cloth. The cloth feels thicker than all of my T-shirts, so perhaps the weight of the cloth has something to do with how well it worked. My hair is between waist and hip length when wet, and I needed about a towel and a half to do the trick. The cloth is a dark brown, and I didn’t see any hair product residue on it. I also admit that I think they’re cute. The borders have cute curly trim in various colors. They also look better hanging on the bathroom door than a wet T-shirt does! I do love how cute they are!
Best of all, I went from shower to almost dry in one hour, and totally dry in about 90 minutes! Insane! I have had times where it took me all day to air dry, so this was a great surprise. My curl pattern and formation are about what they have been lately, and the towel didn’t make me frizz. I didn’t need to plop after I used the Cloth. I just scrunched and went on about my day.
I did balk at the price at first – I paid $24 for a set of two. But, since these should last ages (I’ve had the same Curlease for about two years) the price is negligible in the long run. I actually want the other color scheme set!
So, if any of you curlies out there are curious, I’d say it’s worth a go!

I’m really loving my Curls Like Us towel; it’s the perfect size and design for scrunching

For me, rainy weather + running late = a curly hair day. I was especially excited today to try out my new Curls Like Us Curl Cloth. I’d never used any kind of towel to dry my hair when I wear it curly, period. I used to apply gel to my hair while it was wet, and then I’d blow dry it with a diffuser. This time, I followed the Curls Like Us directions that came with my new hair towel.
It was hard for me to get used to using a towel on hair that has been coated with product (I like to keep my towels a bit pristine, is that weird?) but I found that my curls are more intact and dried more quickly, as the Curl Cloth gently wicked much of the moisture from my hair. Also, blotting gelled hair with a towel was recommended to me when I was at the Ouidad Salon. I found that it helps to break up that crunchiness and more evenly distributes the product.
Amber Katz ,Editor
Beauty Blogging

Thanks for the curl cloths! I am really liking them. I have been telling my clients and sending them to the website.
Nicole Siri
Curly Hair Expert, Stylist

The Curl Cloths have changed my world and my boyfriend’s, too! They look so much better hanging in our bathroom, than one of his old ratty T-shirts. They are functional and absorbs just the right amount of water leaving my curls soft and non-frizzy. I absolutely love the Curl Cloths! Thanks to Curls Like Us, my curls have never looked better!
Ann Marie Lassater
Curly Hair Expert, Stylist
Cut Color Curls
Salt Lake City, UT

Love my new curl cloths…..NO FRIZZ…..wonderful texture… colors…looks super hanging in the bathroom….best of all are the instructions…I was doing it all wrong……..thanks
Lenore Piotrowski
West Bloomfield, MI

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my curl cloth! It is amazing how much better my hair behaves! I actually look forward to washing my hair, it’s fun!
Joi Straatan
Sandy, UT

I didn’t really believe that the texture of what you dry your hair with would really make that much of a difference in how my hair would look once it dried. It is really incredible. I can’t wait to try it once I get back home to all the humidity. I am actually looking forward to wearing my hair curly. I was so impressed, I ordered two more sets gifts for friends. Thanks.
Michelle Miller
Charleston, SC

I just tried my Curl Cloth for the first time last night and I love it! It absorbs so much water. I really, really like the whole concept of putting on the product in the shower and then using the Curl Cloth. Even though I went to bed with my hair still wet, the curls look really good this morning. I have ringlets now, that I didn’t know I had.
Shirley Gallegos
Santa Barbara, CA

As I posted not too long ago, I’ve had my Curls like Us Curl Cloth for awhile and have used it a couple of times, but I wanted to make sure that I’d tried it enough to give a proper review. Overall, I really liked it.
It’s pretty, simply put. I love to see it hanging up in my bathroom and shower area. I am used to using either my microfiber turban towel or a t-shirt when I do a wash n go and neither one of them looks as cute hanging up (it has a little loop on it). Okay, the T-shirts look downright ugly.
It’s very absorbent. The cloths are sold in packs of 2. One Curl Cloth absorbs about as much as 2 t-shirts.
Neat design. I like how the towel is tube like so you can rotate it as you dry your hair. It also makes plopping easier.
The feel. It reminded me a lot of a t-shirt, but then it also was a lot different than one. It wasn’t as thin as most are and comparing it to a t-shirt on close inspection, they just looked different. It’s thicker than most t-shirts I have, for one thing.
The first time I tried it, I used the method in the video. The results were fine, but I think I can do with less scrunching and more plopping (with my hair type). I do like this towel for plopping. I squeezing the excess water and product out and then plopped with the cloth. Since it’s tubular and stretchy, it works perfect for plopping. I just had to be sure not to drag it along my hair (which could create frizz) when putting it on and removing it. Great results!
Also those who have longer or thicker hair probably need more than one, which is okay since they sell them in packs of two. I think one will do it for shorter hair though, say 3-4 inches, if you have really thick hair. I have very dense hair, so when scrunching, I only tried it on one side of my head as to not overwhelm the cloth 
The side I used it on was not completely dry after using it, but I don’t expect miracles from any purchase. However, the reduction in the “drippies” was noticeable, especially when I compare it to other side that I used 2 T-shirts to scrunch.
If you are looking for something to make curls magically pop out of your hair, this is not it. In fact, nothing does that. If you don’t already have curls, this cloth is not going to give it to you. However, if you’re looking for something to reduce frizz in your curls, this cloth does help that, along with proper technique.
Newly Natural
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I just tried my curl cloths for the first time today and i am AMAZED at the difference! my hair looks and feels SO SOFT and NO FRIZZ in sight!!!!!! i was hesitant at first. i had used towels for so long that i couldn’t imagine any significant difference. but WOW!!!! love them and can’t wait to recommend them to my hairdresser!!!!
curls + curl cloths =

charlotte, nc

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase COME TO HUNGARY!!!!!!! Or somewhere near Hungary….

I have been very addicted to my Curls Like Us towels.
It defines my curls so efficiently and saves my regular towels from so much moistures… which means less towels washed in short time and less water waisted in the planet.
Suzi Santos
São Paulo, Brazil

I’m totally loving these, thanks so much! Go to my website to see my product review:


I have curly and out of control hair. How do i get those’s curl cloth’s? Can i buy them in the store?
Robyn Scott

I’ve been loving my Curl Cloth for over 3 years now! It is a must have tool for everyone with curly hair! It’s tubular shape makes using this cloth very easy. I have been recommending it to my curly hair clients for years and they are loving it too! It’s a fun, useful tool that will help your curly hair stay happy curly hair. Along with blotting my wet hair, I use the curl cloth to cover my hair in the shower when I don’t want to wash it. I simply pull it over my head so it gathers around my neck. Then, I take one end of the cloth up over my hair while I am tipped over forward allowing all of my hair to be hanging. Once the hanging hair is covered by the curl cloth and the other end is covering my hairline. I gently lift my head and enter the shower knowing my hair will look great when I get out of the shower and take off the curl cloth.
Genius product Idea, can’t wait for your next one!
Nicole Siri Author/stylist 

Just like you, I was not born with curly hair. I hit puberty and the curls hit me! I have been trying ever since to learn how to care for my curly hair. These clothes work great!! In the past I have had to use tons of gel to get the curl… I got curl but also crunchy hair, untouchable. Now its soft, curly and very, very touchable!! Thanks!!
Mari Anderson

The curl cloth has changed my view on having the curl…I quite like the soft frizz-less experience….It’s hard to believe, however, I now believe….good to be curly
Lenore P
W. Bloomfield, MI

cuts my drying time by hours!
my hair usually takes hours to dry – if i wash before bed it will still be damp in the morning, and if i do a wash and go, it can take about four hours for my hair to dry.
these magical towels reduced my drying time to around an hour, which is great for winter.  i use them to scrunch dry and they soak up just the right amount of water and help my curls clump together.

These cloths have seriously revolutionised my hair life. I have EXTREMELY frizzy, medium 3a/b curls and I have noticed a dramatic reduction in frizz since using these. Love the fact that they give you two, and the brightly coloured piping makes them cute as well as practical.

Suzanne Z

Great results
I’ve been using my towel for a week now . As I’m not getting second-hair day yet, I’m still having to co-wash most days and this towel has been great at saving me time in a morning. I find that scrunch drying with it gives me more lift and better results than plopping and it also leaves my hair much drier than when I was plopping. I was a bit concerned at first that I’d be disturbing the curls more, and potentially leaving myself prone to the frizzies when I was scrunching after applying leave in and stylers, but this isn’t the case. The design of it makes it easy to use and having 2 towels in one pack is great. For my shoulder length hair I only use one at the moment. This has really made a difference and was a great buy!

Great idea!
Fabulous product! Really pleased with its drying abilities! Will always use it now. certainly better than my old t-shirt and less embarrassing to be hung in the bathroom too!
Barb Watson

Amazing product
OMG, these curl cloths are absolutely incredible.
They are really thick and smooth (very different from the Curl-ease towel) and amazingly absorbent. I really appreciate them now, with the weather getting colder and the drying time getting longer – using them really does cut the drying time down, plus it encourages clumps and prevents frizz. And they do look very cute.
I wanted to order them from the States, so I was very pleased to see them on British Curlies. I actually consider getting one more set.
Julia O

Worth it!
I have 3b curls that tend to get very frizzy. I wasn’t sure if different kind of towel would really make a difference, but I think it does. My hair doesn’t feel all roughed up after using it. I think the tubular shape also makes the towel very easy to use.

Really works!
I go to a hair salon that specializes in curly hair and they always use old t-shirts on my hair to dry it, but I never really could find a soft enough t-shirt to use on myself. When I heard about these I used a gift card to buy them thinking I had nothing to lose.
Turns out these are totally worth the money. They really do reduce the frizz; I could tell immediately the difference between using one of these and a regular towel. They hold a lot of water too- I have pretty long hair and I only need to use one towel to dry my hair and there’s still dry spots on the towel. They’re easy to use because they’re shaped like a muff so you just stick your hands on the inside and grab your hair, then just move around the circle as you dry.
Definitely recommend for anyone with curly hair or looking to reduce the frizz.
Lucy Ramos

The magic solution for frizz free curls!
Not only are these totally cute, but they work! If you follow the instructions and use the towel to blot your hair dry instead of rubbing it with a terry cloth towel you will have beautiful, frizz free curls. I have had mine for a couple of years and wash them all the time and they hold up really well.
Lori Stall

Great Towel!
This is a really good towel. I can blot my hair when its wet and it won’t dry frizz. I love this product! My hair is better than it has ever been! I didn’t realize the curls I had hidden in my afro until i used this towel. It looks like a different head of hair. One use was enough for me to fall in love! I want to buy one for every curly headed woman I know.
elaina marshall

I did not like one of the colors, and asked if they would let me order a set with the colors I liked best. I love my little curl towels. They last and last. Excellent customer service too!

AMAZING results! I had been using a t-shirt with decent results, but this is beyond what I expected, even with all of the rave reviews. Excellent product!

I have been using these for years and just got my newest set of curl cloths recently and I still love them! It doesn’t matter whether your ethnic background is African, Asian, European, Latin-American, or multiracial…if you have curly hair you NEED this product in your life! I no longer curse my hair. I can use these curl cloths, let it air dry, and it looks like I actually “did” my hair! I have lived in humid and dry climates…it doesn’t matter, my curls always look soft and well-defined. Treat your hair to Curls Like Us as soon as you can! I promise you will not regret it!
Ruth W.

My towels arrived AND I LOVE THEM! They are the absolute best towels I’ve used. The design is perfect: To SOTC, being able to put your hands inside the towel. It’s the perfect thickness. Also, it’s perfect for plopping! So, thank you, thank you, thank you! I want to give y’all a big 10+ review. I plan on ordering more to have on hand for when we have overnight guests! Well done!
Dendy Williams

I absolutely love the Curl Cloths. They help define my curls and cut down on frizz. I love my curls now after all these years, I can love my naturally, thick curly hair! Thank you Curls Like Us for understanding curls!
Lisa S.
Charleston, SC