How is the Curl Cloth™ used?

After conditioning hair, while still in the shower, lean forward and tilt head to the side. Gently shake head and carefully loosen curls at the roots with fingertips. Using the desired amount of your favorite curl-friendly gel, diligently scrunch product upward into hair, releasing excess water as you go. Continue until gel is evenly distributed. If hair is tangled, gently finger rake the product through hair, being careful not to over do it, disturbing the curls natural pattern. Lastly, insert hands into both ends of the Curl Cloth™. Scrunch hair upward towards the roots, removing excess moisture from hair while rotating the Curl Cloth™ in your hands. Thicker, longer hair my require the use of more than one Curl Cloth™. Allow hair to air-dry or diffuse, if preferred.

What are the benefits of the Curl Cloth™?

The Curl Cloth’s™ smooth, flat surface is designed to wick away just the right amount of moisture from your hair ensuring that your favorite curl-friendly styling product properly sets the curl for optimal smoothness, shine, and definition.

Can I wrap my hair in the Curl Cloth™?

We don’t recommend wrapping your hair up, turban-style, in the Curl Cloth™ or any towel. This process creates an unnatural kink on the top of your head and will also disrupt your natural curl pattern.

How is the Curl Cloth™ better for my hair than a terry cloth towel?

The texture of a traditional terry towel causes friction, lifting the cuticles of the hair. Aside from encouraging frizz, terry cloth towels can cause tangles, hair breakage, split ends and even inhibit shine.

How is the Curl Cloth™ better for my hair than a micro-fiber or super absorbent towel?

These types of towels are often too absorbent for curly hair. The Curl Cloth™ will help wick away just the right amount of moisture from your hair ensuring that your styling products properly set the curl while encouraging optimal spring, definition and shine.

How many Curl Cloths™ should I use?

For thinner hair or shorter styles, one Curl Cloth™ should blot away just the right amount of moisture. Longer, thicker hair may require the use of two Curl Cloths™. Remember that the Curl Cloth™ is not designed to dry your hair. It is meant to blot out the excess moisture and set your curls without introducing frizziness.

How should I care for my Curl Cloths™?

For best results, wash your Curl Cloths™ before their initial use. As needed, machine wash them with like colors in cold water. Tumble dry on low. Do not use a dryer sheet, as this could adversely affect their absorbency.