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Only use shampoo on your hair every two weeks or so, otherwise it will dry out your hair and your curls won’t be as well-defined. Use conditioner in its place.
Put you shampoo in a nozzle-type bottle, so that you can apply it directly to the hair roots. This will help you avoid drying out the rest of your hair unnecessarily.
Avoid using shampoos that Sodium Laurel Sulfates. These are very harsh detergents that will dry out your hair.

Daily, use conditioner, rather than shampoo to “wash” your hair.  Massage the scalp with your finger tips to eliminate any dirt and oils.
Never rinse the conditioner completely out of your hair. This will help your curls stay hydrated throughout the day.
While your conditioner is in your hair, comb it with a wide-toothed comb. This will detangle your curls and get rid of any loose hairs. If you comb or brush hair while it is dry, you will cause hair to break and encourage split ends and frizz.
For added shine, rinse conditioner out with cool water rather than hot water, as this will help the cuticle lay flat and thus reflect the light.

Deep Conditioner

Weekly, apply a deep conditioning treatment to damp hair and cover it with a cap or plastic wrap for 30 minutes.  Rinse and style.
If you don’t have 30 minutes to deep condition, hydrate quickly with this tip; After rinsing the conditioner from your hair, scrunch out some of the excess water with your hands. Scrunch in a small amount deep conditioner into the ends and hair, avoiding the roots. Turn down your shower pressure to just a trickle and scrunch hair. Stop rinsing before all the conditioner has been rinsed away.

Leave-in Conditioner
For added hydration, use a “curl-friendly” leave-in conditioner before using your styling products.

Styling Products
Apply your styling product in the shower, while it is still soaking wet and scrunch it in. Then scrunch the water out with a curl-friendly towel. For added lift, avoid putting gel directly on the roots

Never use a terry cloth towel on your hair. The course texture of terry cloth separates curls and roughens up the cuticle, causing breakage, split ends and ultimately–frizz.
Avoid an extra absorbent micro-fiber towel, as they will soak up too much of the styling product you just applied to your hair. They also have a texture to them that will separate curls and roughen up the cuticle.
Insert metal clips around the crown of the head for added lift.  Dry naturally or use a diffuser.
Never use a brush or comb on your hair while it is dry. This will cause hair to snap and break. It will also eliminate your curls definition by breaking up your curl’s natural formation.

After hair is dry
To boost volume at the roots; gently massage the scalp with finger tips from underneath. This will help you avoid the triangle effect.
Gently scrunch curls with a small amount of pomade or styling cream to alleviate any crunch and to enhance shine and hold
Avoid touching hair throughout the day this can disrupt your hair’s definition.

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